“Embrace Mental Wellness and be a Catalyst for Change!”

La Quinta Inn & Suites, Lakeway
April 25-26, 2024


Mental Health Symposium

“Embrace Mental Wellness and be a Catalyst for Change!”


Join us for a two-day, informative community event about mental health. You will hear from experts, therapists, and community leaders about how mental health affects all aspects of our lives. We will address Mental Health 101, mental health in the family and workplace, as well as coping mechanisms.

Attend the conference and join peers, providers, and advocates to ignite a collective spark, share invaluable knowledge, and foster the next wave of advocacy for mental health. By providing space for meaningful discussions and insight sharing, we aim to develop innovative strategies that address the holistic needs of individuals and communities alike.

Symposium Schedule

Thursday & Friday … plus a free film screening on Sunday


DAY 1:

Thursday, April 25

8:00-8:30: Registration/ Exhibits Open

8:45-9:00: Welcome Amelia Floyd, Co-Founder and President Engage and Heal Foundation

9:00-9:45: First Session – Mental Health 101 Anna Bunker, National Alliance of Mental Illness

9:45-10:00: Break

10:00-11:00: Keynote – Somewhere Between the Bottom and the Summit Dr. Octavious Bishop, The University of Texas @ the Steve Hicks’ School of Social Work

11:00-11:15: Break

11:15-12:00: MINDFULNESS MOMENT – Breathwork and Guided Imagery, Natalie Dickey, LPC

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:15-2:00: Third Session – The Present Dad: George Jones, Professional Speakers’ Bureau

2:00-2:15: BREAK

2:15-3:00: Fourth Session – Mental Health and the Central Nervous System with MOM PROOF: Sandra Beltran, Jamie Amelio Founder of Caring for Cambodia, and Kathleen Hassenfratz, LPC

3:15-4:00: Fifth Session – Expressive Arts Project Amber Forgey, Lead LTHS Art Teacher and Debbie Childress, Director of The Hive

4:00-4:15: BREAK

4:30-5:15: Sixth Session – The Value of the Arts and Your Mental Health Olivia Nash, writer and director Hi! The Movie and Amber Forgey, Lead LTHS Art Teacher

Reflections: Amelia Floyd



Friday, April 26

8:00-8:30: Registration / Exhibits Open

8:45-9:00: Welcome Mayor Tom Kilgore

9:00-10:00: Keynote – Staying Bothered Jamie Amelio, Founder of Caring of Cambodia, and with panel: Amelia Floyd- Engage and Heal Foundation, Rick Naylor- PACT

10:00-10:15: Break

10:15-11:00: Second Session – How Addiction Affects Mental Health and Law Enforcement Pam Newton (LCDC), Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez; Asst. Fire Chief Michael Prather, (LTFR), Dr. Mark Escott, Chief Medical Officer Austin

11:00-11:15: Break

11:15-12:00: Third Session – Mental Health and the Workplace  Anna Bunker NAMI, Karen Schultz President/CEO Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce,, Holly Acosta Chief People Officer-Kazdon, Inc.

12:00-1:00: LUNCH

1:00-1:45: MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT – The Importance of Physical Health for Good Mental Health Brandon Wright, CPT

1:45-2:00: Break

2:00-2:45: Fourth Session – Mental Health and the Family Shelley Coleman, LPC

2:45-3:00: Break

3:00-3:45: Fifth Session – LTISD Update on Social and Emotional Learning Jennifer Lyon, LTISD Director of Health and Social/Emotional Learning

4:00-4:30: CLOSING Oscar Thomas, Board Member, Engage and Heal Foundation

DAY 3:

Sunday, April 28 (signup coming mid-March)

3:00-6:00 pm : A free bonus film screening at The Hill Country Galleria: Anxious Nation: Harnessing Anxious Energy for Good

The film sets out to lift the shroud of shame around mental health while giving emotional insights into how anxiety shows up in our children’s lives, impacts families, and what parents’ contributing role may be in the journey. Kids and families bravely share their stories, and the subjects will surprise you — the star of the high school basketball team, the premed college student, the all-American girl next door. Resolving anxiety is not a one size fits all answer. The filmmakers offer deep insights into how we got here and what we can do to harness anxious energy for good. Above all, the film offers hope. While there is no cure for anxiety, we can learn to manage it, so it doesn’t define us.

Panel: Dawn Borellis, LPC moderator, Sam Self/LT Collective, LTISD Amanda Roberts, LMSW, LT Breathe Initiative students

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